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Hakemiya Fes 2019: Hakemiya Nursery School


Hakemiya Nursery School

Omuta person-centerd concept book 2019

Navel of the future.

Partial excerpts of text from Omuta person-centerd concept book 2019
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Parson Centered is "navel".

For example, "A Japanese man in his forties, with a wife and two children, living in an apartment, owning one car, working as a section chief at a company on weekdays, enjoying futsal with his friends on his days off, loving to read speculative fiction, and not good at celery...

Even though more and more words have been piled on and some aspects have been revealed.
I can't represent all of you, of course.
Include more fluffy, muzzy, and gooey parts

Because you are composed.Until now, society has regarded human beings as ideal, rational and linguistic beings.
In other words, you were the one who lived by your "head".

but then ...
It's fluffy, messy, and gooey.
The sensory, instinctive, and non-verbal parts of the
It has been made as if it were something that does not exist.
If there's nothing specific that you don't want to do, but
If, for some reason, your days don't feel right, then
It may be a silent appeal from a part of the body that is not the "head".
However, they can't be captured by the "head".

"navel" has been in charge of important things that go beyond reason.
It is the center of the human being, the organ of the vital connection between people, and the
"navel" is also a place where you can gather your energy.
It is full of things that "head" does not capture.

We can live with "navel", and not let it disrespect you.
Doesn't this move us closer to a society where everyone can live well?
That is the aim of this book.
Omuta City, Fukuoka Prefecture, where this book is mainly set, is a
In the context of dementia care, we have been working on "person-centered care," which is listening to "navel" of the non-verbal human being.
If you look at the future of this or that from a "person-centered" perspective.
Familiar things take on a different value.
Communication with "head" is good, but from now on "navel" is also important.
"Navel of the future" has begun.

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I'll tell you, there's an empty semi in there.

There are times when it's hard, but it's okay to live in the now.

Omuta's aging rate as of FY 2018 was 35.9%. With the national average of 28% significantly higher than the national average, the city has declared its commitment to creating a community where people with dementia can live together, and has worked together with the private sector to create a community.
When Omuta City realized that what it had been working on through trial and error was what it called "person-centered care," it began activities to further deepen its efforts.

In "person-centered care", it is very important to listen to the narrative of the person himself/herself.
This is because we believe that important hints are hidden not only in the information we see in front of us at the moment, but also in the experiences we have had and the way we have communicated them.
Here, we spoke to an old woman who lives in Omuta.
Throughout the story, she realizes that one of the old women in front of her has the name 'Furuta Hatsuko'.

Out of equality comes reciprocity.

How do you deal with others whose reality is different from your own?

We listen to the narratives of architecture.

A gesture that comes from being yourself.

What kind of technology plays with the margins?

Social welfare juridical person Tennsui fukushi jigyoukai

from cradle to heaven

Since ancient times, the Japanese have treasured the time that comes along with the seasons. People who come to the Tensui Welfare Association can feel the Japanese culture in the nature. The children will feel the presence of God close to them, develop a sense of compassion and reverence for nature and their ancestors, as well as an awareness of the fact that they are alive and grateful. The history, tradition, and culture that we Japanese have cherished. It is an ancient teaching that must never be forgotten, and which we carry into the present and the future. And we will connect people to people and communities to welfare. This is what we, the Tensui Welfare Association, should be.

Tennsui fukushi jigyoukai


Being raised by two families.

Mothers and children. Kurasukoto 2018

Awesome educational toys!

From the practice of "Solving Sentence Problems with Pictures" in "Gakushu-sha Kokoi".

Taimu Taki teacher.
As a father of four children, I have been pondering what kind of environment and teaching materials are best for fostering the "thinking power" to imagine, think and create.
In this process, we came to the conclusion that the best way to play is to be absorbed in nature. We chose to move our home from Fukuoka City to Itoshima.

On the blog of the learning class "Manakusha Koiku" run by Mr. Taki, there is an intriguing article titled "The 4 best private educational toys". What do you think is the number one answer to that? The answer is, "Water!".

Here's why.
The color, shape, feel, and movement are all very mysterious, and I'm sure you can tell that children will play with them all the time without getting bored.
There is no better way to "train your brain" than this one, with endless ways to play and room for ingenuity.Incidentally, the second place ranking is: Sat! And third place: plants! And in fourth place: bugs!

Even if you live in a city, the wind blows and it rains. Nature does exist. It depends on the awareness of the recipient. If parents take good care of the nature around them, they can pass it on to their children. Children have such sensibilities in the first place. They want to "get close" and "get dirty" and "bring it back". Don't deny that you're dirty or disgusting there. On the contrary, I think that adults can rethink the way they relate to nature by using children as teachers.

Another important factor is the presence of playmates.
It's part of nature that people are friends. In other words, something you can't control. When you're surrounded by man-made objects, it feels hard to face nature that you can't control. But beyond the hardship, the fun is what enriches your life.
He says he wants children to know that there are boundaries that can't be achieved just by being surrounded by artificial objects.

The courage to jump in

The teacher says that there is no better playground than nature, but that children are very fortunate to have playmates even in urban parks.
Children who discover the joy of playing with their friends in the lower grades will meet up with them in the upper grades and play with them on their own. But if you don't know how much fun it can be, you can end up playing digital games at home.

Because it's easier that way. Because it takes a lot of courage to walk into your friends.
"Digital games have become fun to play as entertainment, and it's less stressful to do everything in your own world. But if it becomes the norm to be confined to a small space and use your smartphone all the time, it will be hard to get out of the wide world out there."
The teacher's eyes are not only on the present, but also on the children's adolescence and adolescence and beyond.

Compare it to the "past self".

The first thing to do in elementary school is to have fun. When she thinks about it, she is concerned that the trend of demanding results is also exhausting her children, as is the decrease in free time due to excessive homework and lessons.
Don't you think that today's elementary school students are too exposed to the competition, winning and losing? They're made to compete somewhere, whether it's in studies, sports, or even school, like awards and stamps. It would be nice if he was a little older, but he still can't handle the stress of it in elementary school. I feel that a lot of kids are tired of thinking about how they compare themselves to those around them.

You can tell by looking at it that the child's eyes are shining. The important thing is how much time you have to be immersed and focused.
I find myself getting better before I know it when I'm engaged in something I enjoy and love. If I can feel myself changing and growing as I enjoy doing it. It's like that kind of comparison to your past self, because you never betray it.

We live in a time when we can only perceive ourselves in comparison to those around us. If there's a person standing on their own in that situation, they might float around in various ways, but they'll be able to live a happy life.

An adult struggles to define his or her own way of life. I think education is to show them that they are always trying to make themselves better, he said. I'm sure that his nonchalant back is also conveying something to the children. Wouldn't such an increase in the number of adults make things easier for both children and adults themselves? With this thought in mind, we left Itoshima, where the snow started to flutter here and there.